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The last weekend of MILJAN SUKNOVIC’s solo exhibition

Come by and enjoy the last weekend of MILJAN SUKNOVIC’s solo exhibition CONSTELLATIONS III.

The exhibition is showing the work of the artist’s one-month-residency at the gallery in a dynamique and innovative expression.

One example is the 13′ x 21′ mural covering the back wall of the gallery.

Suknović is currently also exhibiting at the World Trade Center alongside artists such as Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer and Kenneth Snelson.

Continuously influenced by architecture, Suknović sees his work in relation to space and its surroundings rather than as an isolated object. He challenges the limitations of the canvas, intentionally spilling over into large scale art pieces where the size of the surface inspires the work.

66 Grand Street #1, SoHo

Thu-Fri 12-7pm

Sat-Sun 12-6pm

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