“The Year Of The Woman”: Announcing the second artist in residence

May 3, 2015

Our new artist in residence and the second artists of “The  Year  Of  The  Woman”  has now moved into the gallery.


Originally from South Korea artist AHN SUN MI now lives and works in Paris.


Awarded in 2013 as one of the top ten photographers in South Korea Ahn Sun Mi’s work has been exposed at Carousel de Louvre and Grand Palais in Paris as well as at acclaimed Asian art venues such as Art Stage Singapore and Korea International Art Fair.


Read more about AHN SUN MI and her solo exhibition MULTIFACETED below.


The solo exhibition MULTIFACETED will be open to public from May 14th through June 2015

at  the  Catherine  Ahnell  Gallery,  located  at  66  Grand  Street,  New  York,   NY  10013.


Thursday  -­  Friday  12:00PM  -­  7:00PM,Saturday  -­  Sunday  12:00PM  -­  6:00PM.





After  the  huge  success  representing  TALI  LENNOX  for  her  first  solo  exhibition,   Catherine  Ahnell  Gallery  continues  “The  Year  Of  The  Woman”  by  announcing  the   second  artist  in  residence  of  the  year:  South  Korean,  Paris  based  artist,  AHN  SUN  MI.   The  exhibition  ​Multifaceted​,  which  will  open  on  May  13th  2015  and  run  through  June   14th  2015,  marks  the  US  debut  of  Ahn  Sun  Mi’s  surrealistic  photographic  self  portraits  in   the  form  of  a  solo  exhibition.

With  the  goal  of  establishing  a  career  as  a  fashion  photographer,  Busan,  South  Korea   born  Ahn  Sun  Mi  moved  to  France  in  2004  to  study  at  the  Academy  of  Fine  Arts.   Arriving  in  France  became  a  turning  point  in  Sun  Mi’s  artistic  path  as  she  experienced  a   strong  sense  of    isolation  being  a  stranger  to  a  new  country.  Ahn  Sun  Mi  started  to  use   photography  as  a  way  to  investigate  her  identity  and  the  distance  between  her  inner  self   and  her  appearance,  as  she  was  finding  herself  lost  between.”I  wanted  to  understand   myself,  [but]  at  the  same  time  I  didn’t  want  to  escape  reality,”  says  Ahn  Sun  Mi,  “I  felt   like  a  child  inside  but  who  acted  like  a  grown  up.”

Sun  Mi  started  to  see  her  work  as  a  space  for  transition  and  exploration  where  time   stood  still.  A  space  between  childhood  and  adulthood,  between  dream  and  reality.  Her   work  became  an  artistic  laboratory  where  she  questioned  life  and  caught  up  with  time.  A   constant  communication  with  a  child,  afraid  of  leaving  the  haven  of  childhood,  passing  a   gap  to  discover  its  femininity  -­  her  work  can  be  described  as  surrealistic  self  portraits   between  childhood  and  sensuality.

Ahn  Sun  Mi’s  2008  debut  in  Paris  was  a  huge  success  with  the  exhibition  selling  out  on   its  opening  day.  Her  work  consists  of  conceptual  photo  collages  with  all  photos  taken  by   the  artist  -­  including  those  of  herself.  By  revealing  her  own  fears,  viewers  are  invited  to   to  reflect  on  their  fragility  and  inner  landscapes  of  imagination.  Her  work  manages  to   exist  on  the  sidelines  of  time  observing  us  as  we  constantly  visit  our  childhood  to  source   references  and  evolve  as  human  beings  in  relation  to  our  surroundings.


  Sometimes  dreamy,  sometimes  bright  and  colorful,  Sun  Mi’s  interest  in  philosophy  and   early  passion  for  animation  transmits  through  her  work.  Discovering  the  work  of  Rene   Magritte  gave  her  the  final  push  to  develop  her  work  in  the  surrealistic  direction  that  it  is   recognized  for  today.


For  one  month  prior  to  the  exhibition’s  opening  Sun  Mi  will  live  within  the  gallery,   transforming  the  space  itself  into  an  art  studio  wherein  Sun  Mi  will  not  only  live  but  also   produce  the  works  for  the  upcoming  exhibition  for  the  purpose  of  allowing  collectors  and   media  the  ability  to  understand  the  artist’s  work  and  process.  The  month-­long  resdency   will  be  followed  by  a  one-­month  solo  exhibition  of  the  art  created  within  the  space.

AHN  SUN  MI   Ahn  Sun  Mi  was  born  in  1982  in  Busan,  South  Korea.  She  discovered  photography  at   the  age  of  15  and  committed  to  photography  studies  in  2001  at  Kyung  Sung  University.   Sun  Mi  left  Korea  for  France  in  2004  to  pursue  her  studies  at  Academy  of  Fine  Arts   Paris  -­  Cergy.  A  sold  out  exhibition  at  AAF  in  Paris  has  been  followed  by  multiple   exhibitions  and  art  fair  appearances  in  France,  England,  Switzerland,  and  Belgium,  as   well  as  China,  South  Korea,  and  Singapore.  Sun  Mi’s  work  has  been  featured  at  leading   art  forums  including  Carrousel  de  Louvre, Grand Palais  and  Art  Stage  Singapore.

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