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KESH is in the house

We are very excited to announce our upcoming artist in residence – who is already living and creating in the gallery.

Stay tuned for more information about her exhibtion/installation opening next week.

Photo courtesy of KESH

KESH is an English born artist who works with an array of mediums that integrate bold shapes and digital graphics through a monochromatic color scheme.

She held her first independent show cynically titled ME.ME.ME in Los Angeles, 2012. The show featured 14 signed and framed large scale pieces which were heavily influenced by isolation and loneliness.

Her second show titled: WAWW (what are we worshipping) was held during Art Basel Miami 2013. Exploring her interest in the consequences of media consumption, KESH created 10 pieces which were debuted at The Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive.

In October of this year, KESH created her latest works during a five day live installation at the Visual Artists Group of Los Angeles. Titled Flight: RS279, the show was an interpretation of what she describes as post death ejection and was a precursor to her current residency at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery in Soho, New York.

KESH has been featured in top tier publications including Vogue, Elle, i-D, New York Times, LA Weekly and Huffington Post. The artist is known for her loyal fan base which includes Jeremy Scott, Willow Smith, Cara Delevingne, Kanye West, Prince and many more.

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