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Jonas SUN7 in the spotlight

Far right: Jay-Z by Jonas SUN7 / available at

Far right: Jay-Z by Jonas SUN7 / available at

Jonas SUN7 (Sunset) born in France, 1977

Making his New York debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in 2013, Jonas SUN7 is one of the most promising young contemporary artists in France today. His work has been exhibited in places including Grand Palais, Foundation Cartier, Espace Louis Vuitton and Palais Tokyo in Paris.

Jonas SUN7’s love for music has brought him to portrait numerous famous music artists. He is currently working on a serie of the top hip hop artists of today, starting with a portrait of Young Thug with the title “No My Name Is Jeffrey”.

The piece will be revealed for the first time during Art Basel Miami, next to never exhibited art work by Jean Michel Basquiat at the X Contemporary Art Fair-Booth A8 at Nobu Hotel / Eden roc, Miami Beach-November 30-December 4th.

You can find tickets to the X Contemporary art fair HERE.

Additionally the Young Thug portrait will be part of a solo show by Jonas SUN7 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in the beginning of 2017.

Jay-Z and Picasso by Jonas SUN7 ®Catherine Ahell Gallery

Jay-Z and Picasso by Jonas SUN7

Translating calligraphic techniques of street art into fine art Jonas SUN7 creates a unique visual language pushing the margins of contemporary art.

A perfect example of this is his piece “Picasso Baby” that was part of his exhibition Over-Exposed at Catherine Ahnell gallery in 2013. The art piece refers to Jay-Z’s live performance at Pace Gallery the same year and the two portraits of the rapper/producer and Picasso consist of calligraphy quoting the verses Jay-Z rapped during the performance.

Notably Jonas SUN7 has appeared in art auctions presenting the world’s most recognized street and pop artists alongside KEITH HARING, BANKSY, JEFF KOONS, DAMON HIRST, SHEPARD FAIREY, and SWOON. Most recently at the Urban Contemporary Art Auction 2015.

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