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LYFE - discover the sold out book by Yassine Mekhnache

In this last chapter of four, dedicated to artist Yassine Mekhanche, we wanted to share his printed book LYFE with you. LYFE limited edition is sold out, but as an important piece of Yassine Mekhnache's life's work we would like to give you the opportunity to appreciate it.

Here below are some extracts from the book as well as the possibility to see LYFE in its entire length ---> here.


A painter of the outburst, he experiments

the surface of the canvas but does not

give up to use the walls around and why not,

the floor. If the drips are maintained on

the ring of the canvas, if the stretching bars

encircle the painting, the structure, the

movement can be extended beyond the

square. The painting sets down and colonizes

the gallery. This announces Yaze’s will to

paint everything. He wants to live « physically

the things in the space ». Every opening

reception is a challenge.

Work in progress,

his work keeps on evolving at any time.

As he was painting canvases, he is now

interested in what is around. His introspection

has mutated into the exploration of the world.


Yaze’s painting is alive, personal, it tells

its own story through its skin and its material.

He does not play: he is. His work is introspective,

anatomic. He drills his soul and

dissects on the canvas the whole operation.

With brushes he makes the autopsy

of his painting’s skin, works it, grinds it. The

style is thrown out, swept away by a whip-

ping brush. Colors are iridescent. Everything

seeps, everything flows, everything gets

organized. The first kicks are violent, liberating.

They give the first lines and organize

the canvas. The action is explosive.

Text extraits from the book LYFE by Pierre-Évariste Douaire, Paris, 2009.

(Translated from the French by Isabelle Lagaillarde)

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