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Retrospective 2

Miljan Suknovic’s art reflects a restless spirit, addicted to constant movement, enrichment, and unrepressed creativity. Originally from Montenegro, Suknovic studied art and architecture in first in Belgrade, then Prague, Florence and Hamburg, and finally in New York, where he still lives and works. This wide range of experience is evident in his paintings, which are constantly evolving through different forms of art-making and testing the potentials and limits of material, space, and color. This primary focus on

experimentation has led him to a monthlong residency at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, during which he has created a body of work entitled “Constellations III.”


The primary effect of Suknovic’s recent painting work has been a distinct dynamism, achieved through an increasingly vibrant palette and emphasis on the physicality of his painting style in the finished works, a psychedelic Abstract Expressionism. Suknovic uses wide, painterly gestures, working methodically to build great, fluorescent fields, layered universes often punctuated by splattered explosions of colors that imitate the entitled constellations. In other works, such as his series of eight large-scale paintings recently exhibited at the new 7 World Trade Center alongside works by Jenny Holzer and Jeff Koons, Suknovic slices up these fields of color with geometric lines, creating planar structures and relating the abstract works to concrete spaces. These works reference Suknovic’s earliest experiences studying architecture, a continued interest also apparent in his paintings that break free from the canvas, traveling across the wall in vast murals, and in site-specific sculptural installations that employ language both from painting and from spatial studies.


Suknovic has exhibited widely on an international scale, with repeat solo shows at New York’s Union Gallery and Slag Gallery, Galleria DEA in Florence, and Petalouda Art Gallery in Naxos, Greece, among others. Although abstract painting makes up much of his oeuvre, he also has a parallel body of more slapstick work created with a strong sense of irony regarding the art world, including a series of large-scale portraits of New York’s art world power players (including Larry Gagosian, Roberta Smith and Eli Broad).

“Constellations III” promises an immersive experience demonstrating Suknovic’s skilled facility with color, enveloping visitors in his painted networks of line and form, and investigating the concepts of chaos and order.


Artsy—K. Sundberg


MILJAN SUKNOVIC born 1973 in former Yugoslavia, Serbia.


2019 | Air France at JFK Airport, New York

2019 | Painting Installation JFK Airport, Terminal 1, New York

2019 | The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Video Painting Installation, Washington DC 2018 | Opera America, Video painting Installation, New York

2018-19 | "Four Seasons", Large scale painting installation, Rhythm Ryde, New York

2017 | Miljan Suknovic x Arfullyawear, Dreams on Air, New York

2016 | "Studio Visit" Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

2015 | "Constellations III" Serbian Mission to the UN, New York

2014 | "Constellations III" Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

2014 | “Constellations”, Museum of Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

2013 | “New Paintings”, 7 World Trade Center, New York, 4 months public painting installation

2013 | “Aquarium”, video installation, Chelsea Gallery district New York

2012 | “Tapes”, FB Gallery New York, curated by Francois Baron

2012 | “Stripes”, Cyrus Company New York, curated by Giorgio Zinardi

2011 | “Self Portrait”, SLAG Gallery New York, curated by Irina Protopopescu

2011 | “Untitled”, Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, curated by Jovana Stokic, New York 2011 | “Frida, Fan, Red Painting and Me”, Lotus Gallery New York

2010 | “Noise of Silence –Happiness in the vacuum”, curated by John Peet, Union Gallery New York 2010 | “Silence of Happiness”, curated by Walter Bellini, Ken’s Art Gallery Florence Italy

2010 | Ken’s Art Gallery, curated by Walter Bellini Capoliveri Italy

2010 | Art –Nice Contemporary Art Fair, Nice France

2009 | Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia, text by Joshua Neustein New York

2008 | Tower 49, public installation, New York

2008 | Union Gallery New York

2007 | Ken’s Art Gallery, Florence, Italy

2005 | Ken’s Art Gallery, Florence, Italy

2003 | Ken’s Art Gallery, Florence, Italy

2002 | Petalouda Art Gallery, Naxos, Greece

2000 | Galleria “DEA”, curated by Silvana Grippi Florence, Italy

1998 | Galerija Okruznog Zatvora, Zrenjanin, Yugoslavia

1997 | Galerija Kulturnog Centra, Kula ,Yugoslavia



2019 | BAM Art Auction

2017-18 | The Elephant Parade, Public installation, India

2017 | Buy What You Love, Rema Hort Mann Foundation at the Lyles & King

2017 | Abstract Art in Dialogue, New York School of Interior Design Gallery, curated by Zhijian Qian 2017 | <3OOO, Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

2016 | X Contemporary Art fair, Miami

2016 | Bloom, Slag Gallery New York in collaboration with Halo Foundation

2016 | Boulevard Penthouses Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

2016 | Buy What You Love, Rema Hort Mann Foundation at the Cara Gallery

2015 | TAKE 2, Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

2014 | The National Arts Club New York

2014 | Faberge , The Big Egg Hunt, New York

2014 | Postcard from the Edge, Luhring Augustine, New York

2013 | Diritto dell'uomo, Robert F. Kennedy Center, Curated by Valerio Giovannini, Florence,Italy 2013 | Momenta art, New york

2012 | The Hole Gallery New York

2012 | The Art ♥ Stephen Petronio Company, New York

2011 | Marianne Boesky Gallery New York 2011 | Libreria Servi Florence Italy

2011 | Lesley Heller Workspace, New York 2010 | DA Gallery New York

2010 | Biennale Grottaglie, Italy

2010 | Art For Tibet, Union Gallery New York

2010 | Volume AT1 Art Projects, curated by Andrea Neustein, Los Angeles 2009 | Umanexximo, Istituto degli Innocenti, Florence,Italy

2009 | “Wake“, Union Gallery New York

2009 | Washington Square East Galleries ,32nd Small Works, New York 2009 | Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery Red Dot Show ,New York

2009 | New Ken’s Art Gallery,Island of Elba,Italy

2008 | “Give”, Union Gallery New York

2008 | Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery New York, Red Dot Show

2008 | Private house Coopers New York

2008 | Ogilvy & Mather New York

2008 | NEWH Las Vegas

2007 | Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery New York

2006 | HFBK Hamburg, Germany

2005 | SIAE, Florence, Italy

2004 | Workshop “Tara”, Montenegro

2003 | Artemente, Prato, Italy

2003 | ST’art Strasbourg the Contemporary Art Fair, France

2003 | Europa Galerie, Hannover, Germany

2001 | Galleria Terre Rare, Bologna, Italy

2001 | Original Gallery, permanently 2001-2004,Nice, France

2000 | Ken’s Art Gallery, permanently 2000-2010 Florence, Italy

2000 | Parchitelli Galleria, Florence, Italy

2000 | Galleria Vialarga, Florence, Italy

2000 | Petalouda Art Gallery, permanently 2000-2008 Naxos, Greece

1999 | Galleria Festina Lente, permanently 1999-2004, Florence, Italy 1999 | Galleria Pugliese Arte, Florence, Italy

1997 | Galerija Kulturnog Centra, Kula, Yugoslavia


His work is represented in large scale mural paintings in Florence and Bologna.



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