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Kaws’s exhibition Pass The Blame at Gallery Perrotin

Yesterday was the opening of Kaws‘s exhibition Pass The Blame at Gallery Perrotin in New York. We where there with LMDLDZR_ZeeR and L'ATLAS enjoying the art that was sold out before the doors opened. Amongst others Pharell Williams where also there supporting the artist.

The same evening Kaws had another opening at Mary Boone Gallery in Chelsea.

In the program the Brooklyn based artist’s work is described as follows: “KAWS is not simply introducing popular references, he is forcing the artworld to accept these as parts of what for many is the real world they experienced growing up. As he taps into the popular psyche, he brings to life the very points of fascination, endearing memories, tender associations and identifications with the world of cartoons that for many were profound experiences and just as meaningful as those in the real world.”

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