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TALI LENNOX at Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Tali Lennox, Tremors at Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles

Tali Lennox, Mourning Dew, 2023

Tali Lennox (and Annie Lennox) at the opening of her debut Solo Exhibition Layers of Life at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, NYC

Photo: BFA

Contact: for available art work by Tali Lennox.


Tali Lennox 

Born 1993, London, United Kingdom

Lives and works in Paris, France 

Selected Exhibitions


2024 Tremors, Nicodim, Los Angeles (solo, forthcoming) 

2023 Surrealism and Witchcraft, LAMB, London 

Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest: 10 Years, Galeria Nicodim, Bucharest 

MATERNITY LEAVE: NONE OF WOMEN BORN, Nicodim in collaboration with the Green Family 

Art Foundation, Dallas 

DISEMBODIED curated by Ben Lee Ritchie Handler, Nicodim, New York 

2022 Lotus of Nephthys, Sebastien Bertrand Galerie, Geneva (solo) 

2021 Women in Paris, Eric Hussenot Gallery, Paris 

2020 Rhizome Image of Thought, Kandlehofer Galerie, Vienna 

2019 Ballad of Linda Leven, Meredith Rosen Gallery, New York (solo) 

2015 Layers of Life, Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York (solo)

Selected Fairs 

2023 Art Brussels 

2022 ART021, Shanghai 

Frieze, Seoul 


Art Basel, Miami 

2021 Art Geneve


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