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MILJAN SUKNOVIC Studio Visit 2023

Miljan Suknovic an up-and-comer in the contemporary art scene, Miljan’s colorful syncopation and geometric designs read like a kaleidoscopic explosion of emotion on the canvas.

Spontaneously pairing sharp forms with vibrant colors, infinite splashes of paint and unopposed free brush strokes produce varied landscapes on the canvas.

Architecture, color, and the evocative beauty of nature are just some of what inspires New York based abstract artist to create his colorful paintings, installations merging chaos and order.

“Color is something I feel naturally. I'm not sure if it’s something I've learned or if it’s something that has always been within me, but I don't think about it; I just feel it.

After many years of painting, I know I want the final message to be positive, whatever that means. I believe that if I infuse composition, light, and values within every color I use, it will result in harmony and beauty” says Miljan.

Having studied art and architecture in Florence where he subsequently resided for seven years, Miljan was influenced by the city’s renaissance architecture. His appreciation for the experiential power of a space has become an integral part of his installations and how he chooses his projects.

He has exhibited widely on an international scale, with solo shows in New York, Italy, and Greece, and was the subject of the exhibition “Constellations” at the Museum of Porto Montenegro. He painted large scale murals in Florence, Bologna, New York and created a painting exhibition-installations at the R. Livingston Beeckman Mansion, Tower 49, at the World Trade Center's Tower 7 and JFK Airport in New York.

Miljan Suknovic's work is represented in many private and public collections worldwide.

Images from the new Studio


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