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A unique experience and a unique opportunity

Three weeks to go for the incredible solo show THE BOX by SAMBRE. What is unique with this particular show isn’t only the show in itself – installation of a space within the space as well as separate art pieces but also the fact that this is SAMBRE'’s New York debut and the first time ever that his art work is for sale. After several installations and space specific projects worldwide SAMBRE has now created separate art pieces that can be bought and brought home. So can particular pieces of the installation. A unique experience and a unique opportunity. If you want to find out more about SAMBRE Artsy wrote an interesting feature of the artist. You can find it here. SAMBRE caught the world’s attention last year when he was invited to participate in the acclaimed project at Les Bains curated by Magda Danysz who invited some of the world’s most innovating urban artists – see video below. To see SAMBRE’s work in our gallery follow us here and on Facebook or why not on Twitter and Instagram.

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