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We are happy to welcome you to tonight’s opening of TAKE TWO, a group exhibition featuring Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, L’ATLAS, SAMBRE and Miljan Suknovic.

Opening January 14th, 2015 / 6-9pm

66 Grand Street #1, SoHo-NY


Exhibition January 15th – February 15th

Thursday-Friday 12-7pm, Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

TAKE TWO proposes four different artistic styles and methods that highlight the fading lines between the terms ‘street art’ and ‘contemporary art’.

Over the course of 2014, four international artists were invited to live and work in Catherine Ahnell Gallery as artists in residence. Their residencies, held at different points throughout the year, culminated in individual solo exhibitions.

TAKE TWO brings together the artists’ work under a wide umbrella of “street art” as an expression of art free of institutional influence and the exhibition manifests the natural transition between street art, architecture, and three dimensional art.

TAKE TWO features the work of French-Moroccan MEHDI-GEORGES LAHLOU, a street performer drawing parallels between cultures and religious identities; L’ATLAS, a French artist with a background in the Paris graffiti movement of the 90’s and who is known for his sculptural and architectural elements; SAMBRE, a French street artist and sculptor creating place-specific art installations; and MILJAN SUKNOVIC, a Serbian artist of large scale paintings and street art-influenced murals.

Following the SoHo heritage of A.I.R. (artist-in-residence), the gallery brings in artists to work and exhibit in the same space, highlighting the artistic process. This opens up the possibility of viewing each exhibition as an installation, but also gives prominence to individual art pieces.

See you tonight!

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