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The artist room

Sourrended by art – here is where TALI LENNOX as well as our previous artists in residence lived during their month of creation at our gallery.

Right next to the exhibition and work space is the private room of the artist. The combined live and work space gives the artist a chance to really emerge in their art and concept. It also gives an opportunity to naturally approach the work as somewhat of an installation since the work space plays such a big part in the final exhibition.

Upcoming artist in residence will be Corean artist Ahn Sun Mi who is based in Paris and who will move in next month.

Layers Of Life by Tali Lennox runs through April 19th.

66 Grand Street, #1

Thu – Fri 12-7pm

Sat – Sun 12-6pm

On the floor – self portraits by TALI LENNOX in the company of L’ATLAS’ graphic pieces.

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