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The last weekend

It’s hard to believe but it was a month ago now since the opening of Tali Lennox’ solo debut.

And since then the word about her art has spread over New York but also far beyond the US borders.

Everyday curious and interested visiters, collecters, media and friends come to see the show and we can’t get enough of talking about and showing Tali Lennox’ work.

The Observer, WSJ, Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, iD Magazine… the list of media coverage and reviews is long.

This is Lennox’ first solo show and first show in New York and we can’t express how excited we are to see a young artist and rising star be born, sharing her talent and artistic expression with the world.

The last day of the exhibition Layers Of Life by Tali Lennox is this Sunday.


Catherine Ahnell Gallery

66 Grand Street #1

Thu – Fri 12-7pm

Sat – Sun 12-6pm

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