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The Year Of The Woman

We are now half way into the gallery year of 2015 – a year we have chosen to dedicated exclusively to female artists in celebration of "The year of the woman”.

– Reflecting over the two first years of the gallery’s existence I realized I hadn’t yet exhibited any female artists and I started to ask myself how come that was. In my search for new artists why was it that I didn’t find more female artists that I liked and considered inviting to exhibit? Refusing to fall back on the assumption that there are less female artists on a certain level in the art industry I decided to dedicate a year to artists that are women. This as an cutinous discussion around the theme and to maybe find answers. – Catherine Ahnell / Curator and gallery owner

In a series of posts during the summer we will highlight important women that we think make extraordinary work within the art industry. Stay tuned for upcoming posts and feel free to comment and discuss.

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Artists from left to right: Yayoi Kusama, Cindy Sherman, Sophie Calle, Latifa Echakhch, Swoon, Niki de Saint Phalle, Tali Lennox, Ahn Sun Mi, Bharti Kher.

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