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KESH marks New York debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

We are very excited to announce the solo exhibition by KESH “LJUS2” opening on Januray 15th 2016 here at the gallery.

KESH will close a year of exclusively female artists celebrating “The Year Of The Woman” at Catherine Ahnell Gallery.

ABOUT KESH: KESH is an English born artist who works with an array of mediums that integrate bold shapes and digital graphics through a monochromatic color scheme.

KESH held her first independent show, entitled ME.ME.ME, in Los Angeles, 2012. Heavily influenced by isolation and loneliness, KESH produced 14 signed and framed large scale self analyzations interpreting her process of making a show about herself, by herself.

The artist’s debut show, ME.ME.ME, garnered the attention of American Apparel who would ultimately partner with the L.A.-based artist to create a capsule collection of graphic black-and-white apparel featuring her signature print across a range of styles including T-shirts and hats for American Apparel. Upon launching in 2013 the KESH x American Apparel collection was incredibly successful with the support of the artists global fan base taking to Instagram to support the emerging artist on her debut collaboration collection with the global retailer.

The collection was sold in flagship stores around the world, from Tokyo to Berlin to New York. The artist notably called out fashion house Versace for duplicating her design in the spring of 2015, as noted by New York Magazine.

KESH held her second show at The Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive during Art Basel Miami Beach 2013. The show entitled WAWW, an exploration of the artist’s interests in media consumption, consisted of 10 signed and framed pieces which sought to push observers to face the question of “what are we worshipping?”

In October of 2015 KESH debuted a third show, entitled Flight:RS279, at the Visual Artists Group of Los Angeles. By living and sleeping in the open gallery space for 5 days, KESH encouraged the participation of her digital audience by inviting them to view her process during a 5 day period. Without leaving the gallery KESH created a series of perspex works which utilize and play with direct natural or synthetic light.

This live installation was a precursor to her upcoming exhibition, LJUS2, that is slated to debut at Catherine Ahenell Gallery on January 14th, 2016.

KESH has been featured in top tier publications including Vogue, Elle, i-D, The New York Times, LA Weekly and The Huffington Post.

The artist is known for her loyal fan base which includes Jeremy Scott, Willow Smith, Cara Delevingne, Kanye West, Prince and many more.

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