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The street art exhibitions you want to know about 2016

Street art started out as part of a movement in the 80s and 90s – an expression of the people far from institutions and establishments. Today street art as an art form has taken multiple directions and different street art techniques are translated into “fineart”, fused with other techniques and art forms.

As we continue our exhibition French Connection – showcasing the new generation French established street artists – we are publishing a list with our worldwide selection of important exhibitions 2016 generating from street art.

Feel free to comment and share your favorites.

Art From The Streets at CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

Organized by the Department of Mural Painting Department of CAFA and the CAFA Art Museum, in collaboration with the Magda Danysz Gallery, Art From The Streets (The History of Street Art – from New York to Beijing) showcases some of the worlds most important street artists of today. Exhibiting artists include Banksy, JR, Shepard Fairey, Futura, and three artists from our ongoing exhibition French Connection: TANC, l’ATLAS and SAMBRE.

July 1 – August 24 2016.

City Lights at MIMA, Brussels

April 15th this year MIMA Millenium Iconoclast Museum Of Art opened it’s doors in Brussels. A one of a kind urban art museum in Europe. The ongoing exhibition City Lights showcases artists like Faile, MOMO, Swoon and Maya Hayuk.

April 15 – August 28 2016.

French Connection at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York

Introducing foreign acclaimed artists to the New York market Catherine Ahnell Gallery is this summer showcasing the new generation of French established street artists in the group show French Connection. Exhibiting artists include l’ATLAS, TANC, SAMBRE, Jonas SUN7 and LMDLDZR_Zeer.

By appointment throughout the summer.

Visages De La Gare at Gare Du Nord, Paris

From May 27 and for 45 days sixteen French and international artists are invited to create within the project Quai 36 at Gare Du Nord in Paris, France. On more then 4000 m2 and ten different places they are filling the train station with streetart under the theme Visages de la Gare (Faces of the train station).

JR at The Louvre, Paris

Artists JR and Liu Bolin decided to take over the Louvre to make it disappear. In a troemp d’eoil installation by JR the pyramid disappears into the Palace behind it and so do the two artists in front of it.

May 25 – June 27 2016

Between The Lines at Mine Gallery, Dubai

Between The Lines at Mine Gallery in Dubai is an urban contemporary group show highlighting the blurred lines between contemporary art and the term and heritage of streetart. Curated by Rom Levy the exhibition is featuring Andrew Schoultz, Kenton Parker, RETNA, Andrew Faris, Paul Insect, BAST, eL Seed, Jenny Sharaf and Word to Mother.

May 11 – June 8 2016

Last year the Mine Gallery showcased a group exhibition with three of our current exhibiting artists: L’ATLAS, TANC and Jonas SUN7. Find out more here:

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