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Opening JUNE 29, 4-9 PM


At the same time as Urban | Art Fair (June 29th to July 3rd) at Spring Studios, just around the corner from Catherine Ahnell Gallery, we are showcasing some of France’s most important urban artists of the 21st century, at 66 Grand Street in Soho.

Originating from New York in the 80s, graffiti and street art continued to evolve in France where the artists had more freedom to express themselves in the streets. In the 90’s a new generation entered the movement, which today has become an evident part of contemporary art and institutional exhibitions. These street artists are helping expanding the horizon of the art world and are forever changing the way we receive, buy and evaluate fine art. Today street art has become one of the most important artistic movements from the 20th and 21st century.

”For me it [street art / graffiti] is not at all a counterculture, it is a culture that is part of our time. It is a culture in itself.”

- Agnès B. Curator and designer, Guest of Honor at Urban | Art Fair.

"We have the chance! You, me and everyone who is looking, to live the artistic movement of the 21th Century. We have Picasso and his friends in front of us!"

- Magda Danyzs, Gallerist, Guest of Honor at Urban | Art Fair.

In the Group Exhibition “STREET ART” at Catherine Ahnell Gallery we are showcasing six internationally recognized artists who have been crucial to the development of the French street art scene.

Video showcasing the VAO collective - L'ATLAS, TANC and YAZE:


Represented in New York, Paris, Shanghai, L.A., Miami and Marrakesh, L’ATLAS has exhibited around the world from Centre Pompidou in Paris and CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, to The Mine Gallery in Dubai and the Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum. He has done a collaboration with Perrier for a worldwide limited edition of bottles and four extensive outdoor installations in New York, Mexico City, Paris and Seoul. Further he was recently featured by the French Television channel Arte in the ten episode long serie “Ceci n’est pas un graffiti”, which highlighted France’s most important street artists and their impact on contemporary art.

L’ATLAS is famous for his abstract graphic cryptograms influenced by historic calligraphy and is fusing the ancestral and ancient with the urban and contemporary.

SHAPES - L'ATLAS solo exhibition opening at Catherine Ahnell Gallery, 2016:


Debuting in 2009 LAHCEN KHEDIM has caught the attention of a prominent group of French art collectors loyal to his work. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe including the group exhibition ’Same Fight’ alongside Villeglé and Jef Aérosol at Galerie Moretti & Moretti 2011 in Paris, France.

Primarily an action painter his work is above all expressive and invites the coincidence as a source of inspiration. Much like action painters Pollock and Rothko, Khedim’s work seamlessly marries method and chance. Lahcen Khedim debuted in the US at Art Basel Miami last year followed by the solo exhibition “CHAOS” at Catherine Ahnell Gallery earlier this year.


Last year LMDLDZR_ZeeR (LeMoDuLeDeZeer) partnered with the FIAC, France’s largest fair for contemporary art, in the realization of an installation supported by FIAC’s artistic director, Jennifer Flay. Earlier exhibitions have been featured at Carrousel du Louvre as well as by the Les Bains Douches project, curated by Magda Danysz.

His characteristic XO installations are represented in every arrondissement in the city. Strategically placed near art centers like Palais Tokyo and Centre Pompidou LMDLDZR_ZeeR has become a part of the Parisian landscape.


Yassine Mekhnache started exploring emotionally charged art in the streets of his home town Lyon, before shifting into the scope of fine art. In large gestures similar to street art he deploys colorful ink over traditional Moroccan and Indian embroidery and craftsmanship. Mekhnache’s work can be found in various public and private art institutions around the world including the Elgiz Museum (Turkey) since 2013, Al Maqam Artist Residence (Morocco) since 2010, the Villa Abdelatif (Algeria) since 2009, the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Lacoux (France) since 2002, and the Modern and Contemporary Art museum of Alger (Algeria), as well as in renowned private collections such as those of Agnès B and Marianne Orlowsky. In 2000, Yassine Mekhnache was awarded the UNESCO Special Prize at the Paris/Berlin International Meetings.

Documentary Encré:


With a background in wood sculpture studies Sylvain Ristori started to develop his sculpting/installations into place specific projects while a member of the Parisian urban art collective ’1984’. Combinding sculpting and drawing Sylvain Ristori has worked with numerous sites and abandoned spaces around the world as an invited artist. His artistic process begins with reorganizing the original content of a site and modifying the composition of pre existing items. He then builds three dimensional structures as well as individual art pieces of recollected and recycled material within the space.

Sylvain Rostori installations:

The Box - Sylvain Rostori's solo exhibition at Catherine Ahnell Gallery:


Making his New York debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in 2013, Jonas SUN7’s work has been exhibited in places including Grand Palais, Foundation Cartier, Espace Louis Vuitton and Palais Tokyo in Paris as well as at art auctions alongside artists such as Keith Haring, Banksy, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Shepard Fairey. What started out as an exploration of the graffiti culture, grew into installation and performance work – an approach and a technique Jonas SUN7 continues to explore while working on a canvas or materials such as glass or metal. Jonas SUN7’s love for music has brought him to to portrait numerous famous music artists. The very first artwork pieces from a calligraphy serie of hip hop artist portraits, were showcased at Art Basel Miami in December last year.


Except from making himself a well known name in the French art scene, TANC’s work has gained international recognition worldwide. TANC has exhibited in places including the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing, Magda Danyzs Gallery in Shanghai, Fondation Cartier in Paris and Beirut Art Center. His work is currently part of the French large-scale exhibition Exposition Street Generations (S) 40 ans d’art urbain (Exhibition Street Generation(S) 40 years of urban art) in Paris. Additionally TANC was recently invited by French Television's Canal+ to talk about his art and the future of street art. Growing up as a graffiti artist, TANC is exploring the crossroads of graffiti and action painting. He has built his artistry on the spontaneity and the ephemeral in the act of the creation. Letting a rhythm lead his arm movements like a metronome, he composes his signature pieces through letters and abstract patterns.

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