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TANC and the collaborations

TANC is the second artist featured in our exhibition Retrospective 1. As one of the first members of the art collective VAO, art collaborations has always been close to TANC. Throughout his career collaborations have taken place in close connection with fellow artists. His willingness to share his art has also reached beyond the art world to home interior, fashion and the food industry. TANC x L'ATLAS x La Maison De La Radio Sharing art studio L'Atlas and TANC have done a number of artistic collaborations. Together they were commissioned to create a piece for La Maison de la Radio in Paris. For the season-opening of 2017/18 they invited TANC and L'ATLAS to create an art installation for the facade. See an interview with TANC and L'ATLAS here.

VAO 20 years The art collective VAO (Vandales à l’Origine) was founded in 1996 and has been a backbone in TANC's career. The diverse work of its members come together in one collective with a background in street art and graffiti. 2016 VAO celebrated 20 years with the exhibition Origines as a symbol of their collective work.

TANC x Monoprix

2014 TANC collaborated with the French chain Monoprix (alongside artists Pro 176 and Nasty) for a collection of product including a limited edition of sneaker and other clothing items.

TANC x Ahn Sun Mi It only comes naturally that TANC collaborates with his wife Ahn Sun Mi, also a visual artist. With humor and an artistic twist, their artistic visions collide and merge. Like here when TANC does one of his musical sets in the spirit of Ahn Sun Mi's artistic DNA. Tanc also just released his Album TANC Limited Edition 150 ex T 33 Vinyl Album "AMITIÉ GACHÉE" (waisted friendship) Editor: Terrain Vague Where to buy it:

Interested in more TANC collaborations? Click the photos below:

Tandem by Tanc and L'Atlas at le Royal Monceau

Substance by TANC x L'ATLAS at Vroom & Varossieau Gallery.

For this exhibition, a special edition serigraphy has been printed with different variations.

Lines and Letters by TANC x L'ATLAS at COX Gallery

TANC & Steph Cop installation in front of the Marrakech railway station. Proposed by David Bloch Gallery for the Marrakech Biennale

TANC x Classic Malts & Food'Arts

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