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L'ATLAS collaborated with Rihanna for the reveling of the new LVHM brand FENTY. The opening of the Pop-Up Store at 10 rue de Turenne in Le Marais, Paris 3eme.

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Mr. Bernard Arnault has given the opportunity to Rihanna, As the first black woman to preside over an LVMH brand and the first time the luxury group has launched a fashion brand from scratch since Christian Lacroix in 1987. She is making history two times over with the big reveal of her debut at FENTY collection. Her track record as a natural born disruptor speaks for itself, and she is uniquely positioned to steer the fashion world in unexciting new direction. "It has come from me; it has to look good on me - I have to Love it with a passion. If that feeling isn't there it doesn't work".

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