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Who is Catherine Ahnell?

Studying economics and marketing at college in Stockholm, Catherine Ahnell often found herself next to a pile of art books when at the library. Little did she know how it would all come together. As the winner of Eileen FORD’s Super Model Of The Year, Swedish born Catherine left for Paris after her studies to pursue an international career as a fashion model. Her success brought her to New York where she discovered her new talent as a Real Estate developer. As an avid collector of contemporary art, Catherine realized the possibility of fusing her expertise and passion. She bought a space in the heart of Soho, New York, which became the CATHERINE AHNELL GALLERY Freerunning Art Corp. 2015 is the second year of the gallery. During the past two years we have represented eight young European artists seen as the ones to watch in their fields and represented abroad by galleries such as Magda Danysz and Suzanne Tarasieve. Inviting them as artists-in-residence they have all lived and worked in the gallery during a one month period leading up to each of their solo exhibitions. – This project is a gift to myself, an experience I would like to share with others, says Catherine.

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