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The Year Of The Woman – Group exhibition by Rebecca Dayan, KESH, Ahn Sun Mi

The Year Of The Woman

group exhibition by


Press day on Thursday April 7th, 2016 12:00 – 7:00pm.

Exhibition April 7th – May 8th, 2016

Opening hours:

Thursday – Friday 12:00-7:00pm, Saturday – Sunday 12:00-6:00pm

Catherine Ahnell Gallery

66 Grand Street #1

New York, NY 10013

During ”The Year Of The Woman” 2015/16 at Catherine Ahnell Gallery we showcased the break through of four international young female artists.

Invited to live and work in Catherine Ahnell Gallery as artists in residence their residencies, held at different points throughout the year, culminated in individual solo exhibitions.

The group exhibition under the same name – celebrates the theme “The year of the women” a year dedicated exclusively to female artists to showcase and highlight the importance of their presence in and impact of the arts.

– Reflecting over the two first years of the gallery’s existence I realized I had not showcased any female artists. I ask myself, how come – In my search for new artists why was it that I didn’t find more female artists that I considered inviting to exhibit? Refusing to fall back on the assumption that the unbalanced visibility of female and male artists in the art industry has to do with talent and level of craft I decided to dedicate a year to artists that are women. This as an invitation to a discussion around the theme and to contribute to a change. – Catherine Ahnell / Curator and gallery owner

The Year Of The Woman started outwith the solo debut by TALI LENNOX in Mars 2015. (Tali Lennox is NOT shown in the group show)

Her show propelled a series of features in The Observer, WSJ, Forbes, Vogue as well as a place at the Paddle 8 Auction Free Arts New York.

In May the same year award winning South Korean photographer AHN SUN MI was invited from Paris where she is currently residences. After selling out her first debut exhibition in 2008 on the first day Ahn Sun Mi has exhibited everywhere from Carrousel de Louvre in Paris to Art Stage Singapore. Her characteristic self portraits, sometimes dreamy sometimes bright and colorful, consists of surrealistic photo collages where all photos are taken by the artist including those of herself.

The fall season opened with French native US based artist and acclaimed actress REBECCA DAYAN. Working exclusively with water color Dayan’s work finds compilation in the subtile and the bold finding the perfect contrast between blank space, fragile lines and rich colors. Her hugely successful debut show explored the symbolism around the Virgin Mary reclaiming the original values of the word virgin free from cultural, religious and social expectations that has charged the word through time.

In Mars 2016 English born KESH closed The Year Of The Woman with her solo show LJUS2. Working with an array of mediums KESH uses digital techniques that wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago. Integrating social media as part of her work KESH is always on the frontline of the most relevant platforms of the moment, pushing the envelope as an artist representative of our time. With earlier shows in LA and at Art Basel Miami her exhibition at Catherine Ahnell Gallery marked her first show in New York.





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