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The most read article on Arsty

The most read article on Artsy last week was the one featuring Tali Lennox here at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

“TL: There’s nothing really more fascinating than people. I love the psyche of portrait painting—it’s so interesting tapping into different emotions. They’re all self-portraits in this show. I’m interested in the alter egos that everyone has and the fragments that get put out on social media. What’s scary to me is that the online world seems to be more real to people nowadays than the offline world. But it’s important to remember it’s not.

It’s about getting honest—what are we pushing under the bed? I sometimes feel aggressive and masculine, sometimes I feel slightly superficial and vain. But, ultimately, I’m not doing self-portraits to be just about me, I’m using my body as the tool to break away those barriers of defining who we are so simply. All people can have a masculine side and a feminine side, or a menacing superficiality.

Of all the pictures I’ve done, the most sincere one is the child—there’s something so pure and intelligent, untouched by social media, which is taking away people’s innocence in a way.”

Read the article in full here below:

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