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TANC’s in L.A. to represent French art

Last week our former artist in residence and Paris based artist TANC made a trip back to the US again. This time to represent and for people to discover art from Paris.

“Tancrède Perrot, known as Tanc, was born in 1979 in Paris. He is a French street artist, electronic music composer and designer recognized in the artistic world for his talent and his creativity.

Tanc’s creation style is unique; he composes his music and canvasses with great spontaneity. His heartbeat activates his arm like a metronome: the artist is not trying to control his flow, but rather understand the composition that suddenly appears on the canvas, perfect balance between consciousness and unconsciousness.”

Here a sneak peak of his L.A. invite.

Find TANC’s art represented by Catherine Ahnell Gallery allery on Artsy:

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