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LAHCEN KHEDIM marks US debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery

In anticipation of his US Debut on January 11 let us introduce you to the French artist and action painter LAHCEN KHEDIM.

Debuting in 2009 LAHCEN KHEDIM has caught the attention of a prominent group of French art collectors loyal to his work. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe including the group exhibition ’Same fight’ alongside Villeglé and Jef Aérosol at Galerie Moretti & Moretti 2011 in Paris, France.

Dubbing artist on the European and French contemporary art scene LAHCEN KHEDIM marks his US debut at Catherine Ahnell Gallery with his solo exhibition Chaos opening January 11.

Primarily an action painter Lahcen Khedim’s work is above all expressive and invites the coincidence as a source of inspiration. Much like action painters Pollock and Rothko Khedim’s work seamlessly marries method and chance.

His work often naturally presents itself in scratches, crossing lines or striates creating compositions in zigzag, swirls and circle forms where powerful lines and centers of energy meet and counteract.

Influenced by sub culture and the graffiti movement the artist’’s artistic expression is in phase with the same artistic currents without claiming the heritage of street art.

His work draws parallels to tag culture as of his repetitive use of signatures unique for the artist. Throughout his work one will find animal shapes and humanlike forms – –signs reminding us of Egyptian Hieroglyph or Pictogram from the Maya People or South American Indians.

LAHCEN KHEDIM’s artistic themes are colored by the frenetic rhythm of our time hence the importance of movement in his creative process. Art like life has to be lived one instant at a time.


– Solo exhibition ‘Oeuvres sur papier’ at Galerie Regard Sud, Lyon, France.

– Selected by Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr for the art project ‘Bus-Expo’ in collaboration with Air France, le 44 Kleber

– Solo exhibition at Galerie Chaon, Granville, France.


– Solo exhibition’Oeuvres Sur Papier 2009-2013′ at Galerie C.K , Clermont Ferrand, France

– Permanent exhibition at Centre d’Art Contemporain d’Issoire, France

– Supported by the City Of Paris and DAC

– Solo exhibition “Chaos Tracés” at Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, France

- Inauguration of his atelier at la Villa des Arts, Paris, organized by Catherine Ahnell Gallery, NYC


– Group exhibition ‘Same Fight’ alongside Villeglé and Jef Aérosol at Galerie Moretti & Moretti, Paris, France


– Solo exhibition ‘Oeuvres Sur Papier’ at Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, France

– Chic Art Fair with Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, France

– Group exhibition at Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris France

– Featured in Le Figaro

– Represented by Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, France


– Opening of art studio in Paris, France.

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