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Jonas SUN7 - From Street Art to Fine Art Back to Street Art

French artist Jonas SUN7 has made a name for himself through his unique way of translating calligraphy and street art technique into fine art. A style of artwork that has led him to galleries and museums around the world including Grand Palais, Foundation Cartier, Espace Louis Vuitton, and Palais Tokyo in Paris.

An exploration of graffiti culture as a teenager exploring the tagging culture in the streets of Paris blossomed into installation and performance work that soon started to draw attention around the globe. When Jonas Sun7’s father suffered a stroke, it was a rude awakening for the young artist. This experience marked a distinct turning point in his career, and he began to eternalize memories through the letters he made into drawings and paintings. He made a point of capturing the impact of spontaneity and self-expression and the action of live art on his canvases.

Influenced by Arabic calligraphy, pop art, action painting, and Hispanic tattoos SUN's process remains raw and spontaneous leaving a pure, energetic impression. His technique fuses paint ejections and dripping colors bind together through a mesh of calligraphy, written words that create shapes and sometimes portraits.

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Jonas SUN7's characteristic Portraits and A "Voyage" in to the career of SUN7.

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