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Who Is LeMoDuLeDeZeeR?

LMDLDZR_ZeeR at Grand Palais, Paris

One day in 2012 I took a trip to the Flea market "St Quen Clignancourt" in Paris.

Just strolling around I took a picture of a mural that I really liked. A few days's later DJ Moose said "Do you know this artist "LMDLDZR_ZeeR? his a good friend of mine and he's having an exhibition.

Do you what to see his work?" Well, I went and he was one of the first artist exhibiting at the Catherine Ahnell Gallery when it opened 2013.

You can find his work all over Paris and the X O tic tac in every arrondissement in Paris.

Les Bains project curated by Magda Danysz

The meaning of ZeeR comes from: Zone Expérimentale d’Expression Relative

Translation: Experimental Area of Relative Expression.

(Incorporé, la signification de ZeeR devient Zone Expérimentale d’Expression Relative, un espace mental où évolue cette matière, le point de départ avant son évolutionZone Expérimentale d’Expression Relative).

Translation: (To include the meaning of how ZeeR becomes Experimental Zone of Relative Expression, a mental space where this matter evolves, the starting point before its evolution Experimental Zone of Relative Expression).

Once assembled, this module brings to light and give multiple interpretations to the eye. The energy felt from this graphic toy takes control and even dictates what’s required by them. Always binary, adversarial, volatile, solid, compressed, fluid, figurative and abstract. I sculpt, design, paint and install this module where a potential space is waiting to be animated.

The game: To proliferate until independence, it inhabits the empty space cross that exists between two poles.

“Le MoDuLe De ZeeR is a reaction, in search of balance”

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