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Ahn Sun Mi - Multifaceted

Exhibition Multifaced by Ahn Sun Mi, New York 2015

After the huge success representing TALI LENNOX for her first solo exhibition, Catherine Ahnell Gallery continued "The Year Of The Woman" by announcing the second artist in residence of the year: South Korean, Paris based artist, AHN SUN Ml. The exhibition, which will opened on May 13th 2015 and run through June 14th 2015, marked the US debut of Ahn Sun Mi's surrealistic photographic self portraits in the form of a solo exhibition called MULTIFACETED.

With the goal of establishing a career as a fashion photographer Ahn Sun Mi born in Busan, South Korea moved to France in 2004 to study at the Academy of Fine Arts. Arriving in France became a turning point in Sun Mi's artistic path as she experienced a strong sense of isolation being a stranger to a new country. Ahn Sun Mi started to use photography as a way to investigate her identity and the distance between her inner self and her appearance, as she was finding herself lost between. "I wanted to understand myself, [but] at the same time I didn't want to escape reality," says Ahn Sun Mi, "I felt like a child inside but who acted like a grown up."

At Duggal Printing, New York

Ahn Sun Mi's 2008 debut in Paris was a huge success with the exhibition selling out on it's opening day. Her work consists of conceptual photo collages with all photos taken by the artist - including those of herself. By revealing her own fears, viewers are invited to reflect on their fragility and inner landscapes of imagination. Her work manages to exist on the sidelines of time observing us as we constantly visit our childhood to source references and evolve as human beings in relation to our surroundings.

Sun Mi started to see her work as a space for transition and exploration where time stood still. A space between child­hood and adulthood, between dream and reality. Her work became an artistic laboratory where she questioned life and caught up with time. A constant communication with a child, afraid of leaving the haven of childhood, passing a gap to discover its femininity - her work can be described as surrealistic self portraits between childhood and sensuality.

Sometimes dreamy, sometimes bright and colorful, Sun Mi's interest in philosophy and early passion for animation transmits through her work. Discovering the work of Rene Magritte gave her the final push to develop her work in the surrealistic direction that it is recognized for today.

Ahn Sun Mi made the HOT LIST in Harper's Bazar South Korea

Ahn Sun Mi selected by Orchid Mag 2015 best nine on Instagram

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